Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missing... Keith Olbermann...

Keith Olbermann, oh Keith Olbermann. where fore art thou Keith Olbermann ???

He wasn't always right. His rants often went too far. In my opinion he saw racism where there was none, but I loved the show.

Its been twenty-six hours since the end of the final "Fridays with Thurber", and I already miss the show.

Keith say it ain't so...

Honestly, who on the left can take the place of the "big O"?  Who is out there that can balance out Glenn Beck on the right ? Don't get me wrong, I love Maddow. wicked smart, funny, poignant, she gives people the chance to say their piece, but won't stomach evasion of the relevant questions. But Keith is, well, Keith. There's a reason he was the ratings king of MSNBC.

While Beck would shed tears at a wind from the east, or south, or any wind really, the few times Olberman got emotional, his father, mother, and select injustices, when Keith showed , more range than his rants or "that woman is an idiot", it felt real to me, and it felt all the more real to me.

While I have my political leanings, there are a great many things I have yet to make my mind up about: Is President Obama a good president or just on par with some in the past? Will the new Congress serve the people, or themselves ? As an undecided voter, I need Keith to balance out Glenn.

Don't be afraid to tell me what you think. How you feel. Or if you agree or not.

I already miss you Keith, good night, and God Bless.

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